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Medical Billing

Error-Free Charge Entry
Real-Time Insurance Verification
Claim Submission and Scrubbing
Payment Posting
Patient Statements
Follow-Up & Appeals

Credentialing Services

Group Enrollment
Provider Demographic Updates
Address Changes
ERA / EFT Enrollments
Add / Remove Locations
Add / Remove Provider

Advanced Eligibility

Patient advance Benefits
Authorization Verification
In/Out Network Benefits
Primary & Secondary verification
Patient Cost Share verification
Out-of-Pocket Cost


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We optimize your practice’s revenue cycle management process

We have more than a decade of expertise in providing medical billing services in USA. We aim to streamline and grow your practice’s revenue. Our three-tier approach increases your income, reduces administrative costs, and improves practice administration.
Our team not only processes the claim and keeps accurate records, but they also support your staff members who are not versed in medical billing and coding.

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We employ a structured approach to guarantee precise and efficient billing. Our team of medical billing professionals conducts comprehensive reviews of all claims to minimize rejections and uphold compliance standards. Additionally, we provide coding assistance and leverage advanced billing software to enhance accuracy and expedite payment processing.

We verify the insurance eligibility of each patient to streamline your operations, reduce accounts receivable days, and prevent claim denials.

Our team of billing specialists, coupled with our thorough scrubbing process, ensures that we submit error-free claims. In the event of any rejections, we promptly correct and resubmit them on the same day

We ensure that ERAs and EOBs are promptly verified and posted. Any outstanding balances are accurately recorded in the patient’s account, and we verify that each claim receives the correct payment

If a denial occurs, our Accounts Receivable specialists investigate the root cause of the denial, addressing the issue to retrieve the rightful payment. If needed an appeal would be filed to make sure we do not lose any money

A biller ensures accuracy and compliance by verifying charges, codes, and documentation, identifying errors, and maximizing reimbursement while minimizing risks ensuring the financial integrity of healthcare billing is preserved

SRG offers streamlined enrollment and credentialing services for faster revenue. We manage compliance and conduct follow-ups for seamless enrollment, helping healthcare providers expand their patient base

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We follow a streamlined process to ensure billing is accurate and efficient. Our medical billing team thoroughly reviews all claims to reduce rejections and maintain compliance. We also offer coding support and utilize advanced billing software for improved accuracy and faster payments.

Physical Therapy

Mental Health

Cardiovascular Disease

Internal Medicine


Behavioral Health

Department of Psychology

We are the Best in Mental & Behavioral Health

Efficient behavioral health billing ensures accurate claims, compliance, and timely payments for mental health services, promoting financial stability for providers and access to care for patients. While we let the provider and client build a health relationship

  • Psychologist

  • Psychiatrists

  • LMFT

  • LPC

  • Nursepractionier

  • MD

Reduction in A/R

First Pass Clean Claims Rate

Collection Ratios

Revenue Increase

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